World Won Music Group, is headed by Tony “Big Tone” Walker, Mr. Walker is the founder & CEO. Mr. Walker will serve, oversee the label and build a staff that will spearhead talent acquisition and development, label operations, creative strategies, and marketing. Mr. Walker has been a functioning music label executive for many years and has a wealth of experience when it comes to developing and working with talent. Interning in the business as a concert promoter doing shows with Fat Joe, Boot Camp Clique and others. Later on, he started a label in the early ’90s called 3 Gems Entertainment Developing and began releasing music projects such as Smoke Out b/w Hustlers Hall by rap artist Born Predators and their album Product of My Environment. In the early 2000s, Mr. Walker launched the label T2 Records and released Dump Truck and Strong Arm by the rapper J-Mizz that debuted on the Billboard charts. Big Tone also created Big Tone Promotions, which promoted concerts for major talents as French Montana at the Forked River House in Forked River N.J. and the multi-platinum recording artist Tyga at the Pine Belt Arena in Tom’s River N.J. Now in 2020 and beyond WWMG is the label to be reckoned with!